Ranks and Responsibilities


This is what makes up the bulk of the community. These are the people here to hang out, get to know one another and have a good time without any additional responsibilities.

Community Manager/Staff

The Community Managers and their staff are responsible for overseeing the community. They handle any conflicts or issues the members have. They are also there to greet any new members and help introduce them to the rest of the community. They are active and personable helping to keep the community members engaged with one another.

The Recruitment Manager and their staff are responsible for actively going out and searching for new, quality members they feel would be a good fit for HoV. They may post on sites to help bring people in but also help screen the people that respond to those postings. HoV never wants to place quantity over the quality of the members that are brought in. There is not and never will be a ‘quota’ of people that need to be brought in.

Recruitment Manager/Staff

Events Manager/Staff

The Events Manager and their Staff are responsible for offering various events for the HoV members. This can be in many forms. It could be hosting a tournament or holiday event or even a movie night. At HoV we strive for diversity and to try and meet the needs of a variety of gamers.

Outreach Manager/Staff

The Outreach Manager is responsible for working with the Owner to help facilitate and potential partnerships between content creators and other communities. They help maintain these relationships making sure the partnerships stay fair. Their staff as well as them are there to help manage any media content put out by HoV such as instagram, twitter etc.

Web Ops Manager/Staff

The Web Ops Manager is in charge of running and maintaining the HoV forums. They also assist the Owner in running the Discord server. Their staff is there either as part of Discord Staff or Web Ops Staff but both are to be overseen by the Web Ops Manager.


Council are people placed there by the Owner. They help advise the Owner. These are people chosen because they are trustworthy and have the experience and knowledge to back up the advice they give.


Responsible for the upkeep in structure for HoV. They are responsible for maintaining the website and Discord. They facilitate any potential partnerships. They strive to improve the community. Their priority is providing a positive gaming environment for their members.