Slander Policy

At HoV we do not tolerate the slander of any fellow members. Slander as being defined as making false and damaging statements about someone. If you are found to have made slanderous comments about a fellow HoV member you will be removed from the community. HoV is a family orientated community that strives to provide a safe environment in an online world that can be hateful. We will remove those that are toxic to the community and it’s members.

Impersonation Policy

Ranks are something that are earned in HoV through time and dedication to the community. Impersonating a rank that you are not is disrespectful to those that have truly earned the rank. If you are caught impersonating a rank you will be removed from the community.

Multi Claning Policy

You can be in HoV and other communities as long as you are not a part of leadership in more than one community. We don’t want to discourage anyone finding other gamers to hang with but being a leader in multiple communities is a conflict of interest.